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Chassis AMI 8 ? Claro !

Observação posterior:
O chassis de AMI 8 ou AMI 6, será sobretudo vocacionado para 2cv e derivados, destinados a uso e condução desportiva ou ainda para uso em competição onde se torna quase indispensável.
From: "Augusto Brito"
Subject: [Lista Citroen_2cv] troca de chassis
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 07:09:22 +0100
viva !
deram-me uma aks400 com o chassis partido.
tenho disponível um chassis de uma ami6 break de 1968-70 (??).
será que dá para o instalar na ak ?
alguém tem experiência nestas andanças?
Olá Augusto Brito
Em relação ao chassis partido, muitas vezes consegue-se recuperá-los, com
resultados de grande fiabilidade.
Quanto ao chassis do ami6, é um bom chassis, mais forte (embora um pouco
mais pesado que o do 2cv) mas as molas são semelhantes ás da AKS, em cujo piso verá umas bossas, para alojar os envólucros das ditas molas que têm um maior diametro.
No entanto, o chassis da aks, tem na parte posterior uma travessa transversal extra, que será importante no caso de se carregarem grandes (!)
pesos. Esta travessa poderá ser feita no ch. do ami, com tubo de secção
rectangular 50X20 m/m. Ainda há outra diferença, nos resguardos laterais,
por baixo das cabeças do motor, que no ami são quase rectangulares. Este
pormenor não é relevante para a referida montagem.
Sempre ao seu dispor
Augusto Águas
Dyane ET-56-18 (com chassis de ami8 !)
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Assunto: [2CV-L] AMI 8 chassis
Data: Fri, 11 May 2001 11:19:52 -0000
Hello everyone,
I have got two AMI 8 chassis which are both in excellent condition.
They are complete with all suspension boxes and roll bars and have
been stored under cover for about 20 years. I am planning to fit my
body from my 1985 2CV6 to this chassis, and use the uprated AMI
suspension boxes and roll bar. Am I right in thinking that the
chassis are the same for these two cars. I have taken measurements of
the two, and the only difference I can see is that the AMI
suspension boxes are larger in diameter and therefore some
modifications to the floor of the 2CV will be required. I am
competent with car mechanics and will diong all the work myself over
this summer. I might also try and build a pickup. Does anyone have
any information about doing this. I wasn't going to say anything when
I take it in for an MOT. Just say it's a 1985 2CV6. They probabaly
won't know that the suspension is uprated and the chassis has been
replaced. After all, they are not a citroen garage
I have a 1987 2CV6 which failed it's MOT on chassis rot. I bought it
from local garage for £25 and had a great time cutting the body off
behind the front door pillars. But Dad and I snapped the chassis in
half when racing it around our farm! Oops!
Thanks for any help
Hugh Frater (Dorset UK)
De: "augusto águas"
Assunto: Re: [2CV-L] AMI 8 chassis
Data: Sat, 12 May 2001 23:00:29 +0100
Hi Hugh
I come from Portugal, and I use to drive a Dyane, made with parts from many cars. (I own a little workshop, near Lisbon where I use to work on 2CV and derivates).
I fit my Dyane, a long time ago, with an ami 6 chassis, and later with a ami
8 chassis, and I don´t want another one, because, with the front torsion bar and HARDER SPRINGS (Yes, the amis weight about 800 kgs. while the 2CV does it for about 600. Thats why the susp. boxes are larger and springs harder).
I got a fantastic behavior on cornering and also breaking. If you want a
unique car, just go ahead and you will be surprised ! I Use it low, wich is
not so good for cross country (that I love !) but on the road, I find it
I drove it to the world meeting in Holland, four years ago, I made about
6000 miles and I was very found on its performance.
About the suspension boxes, there is no matter, because they come slightly
above the chassis upper level, but is not difficult to manage the body to
fit in. Just a little embossement will be seen in the floor, under the front
seats, but it does no matter. You can hammer a little the floor to make it fit.
By the way... Have you heard about the AMI SUPER, fited with a 4 cilinders engine, 1015 cc, and also REAR ROLL BAR ?
Looking forward to hear from you more about this matter.
Augusto Águas
Dyane ET-56-18
From: mosaicdesigns
Subject: [2CV-L] Re: AMI 8 chassis
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 10:06:07 -0000
hello Hugh,
Ive just spent a few weeks battering round Morocco with a french raid.Nearly all of the racing cars used ami 8 chassis/running gear or 4x4 mehari. If you contact me off line i can send some jpegs of seriously cut down 2cv bodies on ami chassis, but be warned you'll incur the wrath of the purists in this country who will chastize you for wasting body shells and chassis!!
I once had a Diane on a ami chassis and there are bits you have to watch,
1-Yes you will have to modify (Butcher) your floors.
2-The track at the back causes the wheels to foul the bump stops (if
you keep your inner wings)
3-The outbard floor bolts, under the plastic plugs, in the floors
will not line up with the chassis ones on the can mounts.
Good luck, have fun...........
And what are you doing with the other one?
De: "augusto águas"
Assunto: Re: [2CV-L] Re: AMI 8 chassis
Data: Sun, 13 May 2001 02:28:40 +0100
Hi Sean
I sent some tips, to Hugh, about this matter and after reading your post, I have to say that it is suposed to swap the rear axle (I mean the whole suspension) or the susp. arms with those of the original car, to keep the wide of the track.
They are a few tinyer, but they are strong enough. And usually they are reinforced, of course.
I would be very glad if you please send me some of the pics you told about, for I am a fan of this cars, and I would like to add them to my pict album.
De: garage.master
Assunto: [2CV-L] Single seater!!
Data: Sun, 13 May 2001 08:36:55 -0000
Hi everyone,
Thanks for all the help with this project. About the AMI super, Dad wanted to build a single seater 2cv, with one seat in front of the other. He would use the Mehari chassis and running gear and fit an AMI super engine and custom body. But the real problem is the price!
To buy a 4x4 mehari just to break it for the running gear and chassis would be a bit of a sin but if I was rich enough, I wouldn't think twice about doing it. Just think of the fun you could have in a single seater 4x4 1015cc 2CVC! With an all aluminium body, you could quite easily cruise along the motorway at 80+ mph.
Thanks once again for the help, will let you all know how I get on with the project. The first thing to do is get the body off the other 2cv and start working on the Rust!!!